About the London Graduate School in Mathematical Finance 

The London Graduate School in Mathematical Finance is a consortium of the mathematical finance groups of Birkbeck College, Brunel University, Cass Business SchoolImperial College, King's College, LSE and UCL. Its main purpose is to provide a programme of advanced courses in mathematical finance, primarily but not exclusively for first-year PhD students in the various groups. The programme started in October 2006 and continues for its ninth year in October 2014

Courses start in October 2014 and take place throughout the academic year.

A further activity of the School is the organisation of an annual PhD Day at LSE, in which students have the opportunity to present their work.

For general enquiries and to reserve your place to attend any of the courses offered please contact Ian Marshall, Department of Statistics, LSE.

Please note that the programme is only available to PhD students, post-docs and staff in the constituent groups. It is not available to MSc students or to research students in other subjects.



LGS group members

Dr Tomaso Aste (UCL)
Dr Laura Ballotta (Cass Business School)
Professor Pauline Barrieu (LSE)
Professor Damiano Brigo (Imperial)
Professor Dorje Brody (Brunel)
Professor Raymond Brummelhaus (Birkbeck)
Dr Alvaro Cartea (UCL)
Professor Ales Černý (Cass Business School)
Dr Umut Cetin (LSE)
Professor Rama Cont (Imperial)
Dr Albina Danilova (LSE)
Professor Mark Davis (Imperial)
Dr Tiziana di Matteo (KLC)
Professor Hélyette Geman (Birkbeck)
Professor Lane Hughston (Brunel)
Dr Andrea Macrina (UCL)

Professor Teemu Pennanen (KCL)
Professor Philip Treleaven (UCL)
Professor Mihail Zervos (LSE)

Administration support

Ian Marshall
Tel: 020 7955 7511
Email: i.marshall@lse.ac.uk